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Three Questions to Ask Before Signing a New Coding Vendor

When someone drops the ball, it’s time to find a new coding vendor — but how do you minimize risk? These are the three questions you should be asking your (potential) coding vendors.

Risk Adjustment

CMS Advanced Notice Part II

The CMS Advanced Notice Part II was released

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CMS Extends 2016 DOS Deadline for RAPS Submissions

A Three-Month Window Is Now Open to Ensure Your Health Plan Captures All HCC Value

Risk Adjustment

CMS 2019 Advance Notice

The 2019 Advance Notice will be published in two parts this year due to requirements in the 21st Century Cures Act

Prospective Assessments

Increasing HRA Effectiveness

How Health Plans Can Improve the Efficacy of This Important Tool

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Not All Coding Is Created Equal

The Nuances of HCC Coding — and the Necessity for Precision — Are More Important than Some Health Plans May Realize, Especially with Coming Changes Mandated by the 21st Century Cures Act

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Best Practices to Cure a Common Chart-Retrieval Ailment: Provider Noncompliance

When Providers Don’t Participate in Medical Record Retrieval, Retrieval Projects Suffer. But Strategies Exist to Mitigate the Ill Effects of Noncompliant Providers. Is Your Vendor Capable of Implementing Them?

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Effective Provider Outreach — The Linchpin for Successful Medical Record Retrieval

Key Questions to Ask Your Retrieval Vendor about their Provider Outreach Strategy

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The Who, What and Why of Copy Service Vendors

Payers who don’t solidly understand these vendors and their role in record retrieval may miss the chance to optimally strategize medical chart retrieval projects

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Are Your Records Being Held Hostage by Copy Service Vendors?

Best Practices to Overcome One of Medical Record Retrieval’s Biggest Pain Points

Risk Adjustment

Data Management: Key to Overcoming Low Medical Record Retrieval Rates

Crucial to Effective PNP Resolution and Creating Actionable Data, Data Intake and Analytics Is Vital to Making Sure Retrieval Efforts Hit the Ground Running 


Four Steps to Improve Your Health Plan’s Quality Performance

What does it take to improve a health plan’s Quality performance?

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