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By Making HRAs Useful to Patients, Health Plans Can Gain Trust Among Providers

In our article published on Healthcare Business Today, learn how health risk assessments can be a complement, rather than a barrier, to effective patient care.

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Transitioning From Telehealth Back To In-Home Assessments

Our plan for to safely transition back to in-home assessments. We outline the safety precautions and methods we’ll employ to adhere to government guidelines.

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In-Home Health Assessments: Benefits Beyond the Doctor’s Office

Initiatives to cut healthcare spending costs and improve outcomes have been leaning on preventive care in its many different forms. In-home health assessments, especially for those 65 years of age and older, are increasingly utilized to reduce spending by MAOs.

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The Case for Social Determinants of Health and In-Home Health Assessments

The factors in which a person is born, grows, lives, works and ages are believed to determine 40% of their health outcomes, and yet, member populations can be represented without accounting for Social Determinants of Health.

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Increasing HRA Effectiveness

How Health Plans Can Improve the Efficacy of This Important Tool

Clinical Insights

Health Risk Assessments: At the Intersection of Risk and Quality

Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) can impact both risk-adjustment and quality goals

Clinical Insights

Peak is Now Episource – Enhanced Capabilities for Medicare, Commercial and Medicaid Health Plans

With Episource’s recent acquisition of Peak, health plans across the nation now can benefit from enhanced capabilities to run effective Risk Adjustment and Quality programs


We simplify the management of member programs by making it radically more efficient, and increasing value to healthcare organizations and their members

Presentation @ RISE VBC: Effective Collaboration Strategies Between Payer & Provider