Episource Securely Connects with Austin Go Language Community

Episource can help major health plans achieve 95% accuracy for medical record coding and retrieval, but that’s only possible because 100% of Episource is made up of great people passionate about making healthcare better. To attract those people, we identify and support their communities and create opportunities to reach them. Since the Go Language community has been instrumental to helping us build solid, secure, and performant software, we jumped at the chance to speak with them in Austin.

On Wednesday, January 15th, Episource sponsored and sent our Senior Full Stack Software Engineer, Ivan Santos, to the first Austin Go Language user group meetup. A major focus of this meetup was gRPC, an open source Remote Procedure Call (RPC) developed by Google. The “January kickoff, gRPC for RESTful web services, and call for submissions!” featured traveling guest speaker, Cory LaNou of Gopher Guides, a premier Go Language education and consultation group. Ivan used this opportunity to connect directly with the folks that help Episource run and learn a little more about distributed services and data sharing tools.

Ivan kicked the meeting off with a quick overview of Episource and then invited members of the audience to talk with him further about opportunities with the company. Since every Episource service, from coding and retrieval to our software suite, is made stronger, faster, and more accurate by our developers, the meetup was the perfect place to reach out and gauge interest. Thanks to Cory LaNou and the subject matter, the meetup was full of enthusiastic engineers. Ivan spoke with a number of them and was thrilled to find they were excited about Episource’s distributed workforce support and the potential to make a direct impact with a growing company in the healthcare industry.

As Episource works to identify the most effective healthcare implementations of gRPC, Ivan called the event a “valuable learning experience.” He continued, “as Episource’s architecture evolves to support multiple services, we’re looking to leverage gRPC to provide faster data transfer between services and ensure we can maintain contracts. This way, our teams can change their API contracts or transfer data between services, and broadcast those changes with security and ease.” And since gRPC is built with HTTP2 and provides bi-directional streaming, it works across multiple languages following the same contracts.

To make this developmental shift possible, Episource is looking to increase engineering headcount across teams by hiring experienced individuals with backgrounds in GoLang, Javascript, and React, or those familiar with big data and machine learning. As Episource continues to produce and support more software, the back end development team will be essential to keep up with demands. Therefore, we’re looking to double headcount in many of these departments by 2021.

If you’re interested in learning more about Episource or potentially joining one of our teams, don’t hesitate to reach out. For general inquiries, send us a message through If you’d like to connect with Ivan directly, or you’d like to learn more about why he chose to work with Episource, you can connect with him over Twitter or Github at @pragmaticivan.


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