Generate Gap Letters in 90 Seconds with epiAnalyst

epiAnalyst’s New Custom Letter Templates


Building a product from scratch gives the freedom to identify necessary changes and build them out quickly. Our product team takes this to heart during regular updates to our in-house analytics platform, epiAnalyst, as they develop its feature set.

The latest feature, custom letter template generation, streamlines outreach workflows from beginning to end. Users segment the desired population and then generate provider education, attestation, member outreach, etc. without leaving epiAnalyst. The letters can be sent out from the platform and tracked to update data for later campaigns.

The generation tool is highly customizable and language independent. Segmented outreach is possible in any language members speak. The header, footer, and body are all easily adapted from a default template or created from a blank document. Users control margins, height, font, page breaks, page numbers, and more.

We’ve created two short videos that visualize the steps and the interface. You’ll see how easily a campaign can be generated from a template and how many options are available for letters built from scratch. Contact us for a complete list of member and provider variables, additional functions, or a live demo.


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