Bar graph of Medicare Advantage enrollment numbers for October.

Medicare Advantage Enrollment Update: October 2022

In this monthly report, you will learn more about enrollment trends over the last 12 months, Medicare Advantage market share by health plan, and the biggest enrollment changes.

Episource won Kudos' 2022 Best Culture Innovator award

Episource Earns Kudos’ 2022 Best Culture Award in the Culture Innovator Category

Episource announced today that it won the Best Culture Award from Kudos, the company that unlocks potential through employee recognition, in the Culture Innovators category.

Image of chess pieces in a rainbow formation

How Delegating Coding Can Reduce Burnout and Improve Care

Today, 80% of rural Americans live in medically underserved areas, known as healthcare deserts. Meanwhile, many physicians are suffering from burnout. Our Director of Risk Adjustment Programs & Education, Susan Richards, outlines strategies for extending the capabilities of providers and relieving them of nonclinical tasks to increase their capacity to care for patients.