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V23: 3 Ways To Capture HCCs during HRAs

In January 2019, when the new CMS-HCC Risk-Adjustment Model (V23) takes effect, it will include 4 additional HCC categories, 83 new HCC codes, and more than 9,500 ICD-10 codes. Learn how to overcome the challenges health plans will face with these changes.


New HEDIS Measure Strengthens Alcohol Screening and Follow Up

The Unhealthy Alcohol Use Screening and Follow-Up (ASF) measure is part of HEDIS 2018


3 Steps to Closing HEDIS Gaps Early

In April, health plans are in the middle of HEDIS submission for 2017. Understandably, the process requires intense focus on the past year. Yet 2018 is underway, so members are already showing patterns of complying or not complying with care for the current year.


Four Steps to Improve Your Health Plan’s Quality Performance

What does it take to improve a health plan’s Quality performance?


Episource Acquires Peak Payer Solutions, Expanding Capabilities into Health Risk Assessments and Clinical Services

Acquisition brings together Peak’s prospective in-home health assessments and retrospective chart audit capabilities with Episource’s best-in-class Risk Adjustment and HEDIS/Stars services and technology offerings


Our experience at the Medicare Risk Adjustment, Revenue Management, Stars and Quality

We just came back from the 8th Medicare Risk Adjustment, Revenue Management, Stars Ratings and Quality Assurance — here are the highlights.


Building a data-driven care plan

Payer data is growing exponentially. Risk adjustment and Quality Improvement teams can leverage the power of data to dramatically improve the lives of their members.


We simplify the management of member programs by making it radically more efficient, and increasing value to healthcare organizations and their members