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What is NLP and Why Is It So Popular?

What if there was a technology that doctors, patients and payers could use to take control of this increasing flow of disparate information, to be able to analyze it quickly and make decisions leading to better patient outcomes?


Natural Language Processing in Healthcare – What’s Coming?

How healthcare organizations are starting to use NLP to improve the lives of their members


How Payers Can Solve the Health App Disconnect

The vast amount of data payers collect from members can transform the way healthcare is delivered. Leveraging technology already in use, payers have the opportunity to develop new ways to attract and retain members, while increasing the quality of care.


Talk to Two Chatbots and Call me in the Morning

“OK, Google – what is my blood pressure this morning?”
“Your blood pressure is 120 over 76 – I don’t see any dramatic difference from yesterday. But I’d suggest you take a brisk walk at some point. Exercise is good for you!”


Blockchain and Healthcare: a New Model for Access and Privacy

Imagine being able to securely access and share your entire medical history - all your information from annual doctor visits to blood work to prescriptions. Blockchain has the power to enable this vision.


We simplify the management of member programs by making it radically more efficient, and increasing value to healthcare organizations and their members