Our Quality Platform delivers interactive dashboards and reports.

Our Quality Platform delivers interactive dashboards and reports that assist you in quickly identifying trends in performance. These reports detail year-over-year trends, as well as comparisons to industry benchmarks, to help you classify which measures need immediate action for the coming year. The reports can be viewed at multiple levels (e.g., Plan, medical group, clinic, provider). We have designed this platform to help improve your HEDIS compliance rates to meet your goals. Benefit from report rates at the provider level to provide them with actionable Gaps in Care reports that can be used to call members for needed services.

By comparing provider ratings to national quality standards, providers receive key industry metrics detailing areas of their care that can be improved. Through our online portal, these providers gain access to all necessary reporting tools and workflows.

Our quality compliance reports compile data from multiple systems and lines of business to provide a picture of each eligible member. These include due or overdue care opportunities, as well as completed care adherence. We inform your providers about open care opportunities to ensure members are up to date on all recommended preventive and chronic care services.

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