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Episource Ready to Prove Risk Score Projections Matter

Gardena, January 30, 2019 – Episource, the pioneer of simplified risk adjustment solutions for healthcare payer and provider organizations is partnering with Prominence Health at the 2019 RISE Summit to share strategies on precisely forecasting revenue.

Meleah Bridgeford, Director of Risk Adjustment Analytics, understands the process of using risk score data in order to precisely project revenue. Her presentation will take a deep dive into the importance of knowing your risk score at each sweeps period, reconciling RAPS and EDPS and correcting your submission errors prior to sweeps. The critical strategies shared will offer a blueprint to create the most accurate financial projections.

“The Advance Notice wasn’t full of surprises, but there definitely are important changes coming.” said Meleah.  “In the new payment condition count (PCC) model, the way you analyze your own sample population data makes a huge difference.” Join Meleah Bridgeford and co-presenter, Dominic Henriques, on Monday, March 18 at 11:40 AM for their presentation “Risky Business: Accurately Generating Financial Projections from EDPS/RAPS Submissions.” You are also invited to meet the Episource team and learn more about Episource’s risk adjustment solutions at Booth #1.


About Meleah

Meleah Bridgeford oversees risk adjustment analytics at Episource. With over 10 years of experience, she provides expert advice to Episource clients on accurately forecasting risk scores, managing the submissions process, and adapting to changes in regulation.


About Dominic

Dominic Henriques is Director of Quality Improvement and Risk Adjustment at Prominence Health, a subsidiary of Universal Health Services, Inc. He brings over 8 years of experience in risk adjustment and quality.


About Episource

Episource is reinventing the way healthcare organizations manage their risk adjustment program. From risk adjustment analytics, retrospective chart review, in-home assessments, EDPS submissions and quality reporting, we empower some of the most recognizable names in healthcare. With elegantly simple solutions, Episource helps payers navigate the chaos of the healthcare system to simplify healthcare.

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