An efficient, cost effective final review of medical records that brings together Episource’s industry-leading NLP-engine and best-in-class HCC coders to ensure full code capture and compliance.

Second Level Coding Review

Improve Coding Accuracy

Harness the power of advanced NLP to automatically detect errors missed by prior audits, which are then validated by expert coder review.

Reduce Compliance Risk

Target coding errors that lead to financial and compliance risk. All NLP findings are subject to 100% QA, ensuring compliance with health plan and CMS guidelines.

Increased Program Transparency

Receive a net-impact assessment of your second-level review and an independent coding accuracy assessment of your first-level review, giving complete transparency into the value of new codes captured or removed.

Reduced Project Timelines

Scalable to quickly onboard new clients and handle large volumes of data, decreasing the time needed to complete projects vs. traditional chart audits while maintaining high-quality results.

Simplified Workflows

Receive a curated list of only the codes that need to be added or deleted, saving the time and effort of comparing codes from vendor to vendor and from coding to claims.


Improve the accuracy of your coding program and reduce compliance risk with epiFinalCheck today.

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