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ACO & DCE Toolkit For Taking Risk Webinar Slides

Everything You Need To Know To Successfully Manage Risk While Improving Patient Outcomes

Doubling down its efforts to transition all FFS programs to value-based care, CMS has continued to push ACOs to take on more downside risk while also bringing new alternative payment models, such as Direct Contracting Entities (DCEs), to the market.

For many ACOs hit hard by COVID, managing risk has become more important than ever. This will also be critical for newly-formed DCEs as they prepare for their first performance year in 2021. Presented by Sujata Bajaj, SVP Product Development, Eric Segal, Director, Platform Strategy and Solutions, and Jang Yim, Product Manager, Episource has created a comprehensive toolkit for DCEs and ACOs to successfully manage risk while improving patient outcomes.

Key Takeaways:

To create a solid foundation to manage cost and ensure high-quality care, ACOs and DCEs will need to consider the following:

  • Know who your patients are: Knowing which beneficiaries are actually part of an ACO or DCE is the first step to managing cost and improving outcomes.
  • Know who to manage and how: Identifying which patients to focus on and how to manage them is key to ensuring those who are attributed to you stay attributed to you.
  • Interoperability: Being able to connect to a data broker will be critical to helping ACOs and DCEs get clinical data in advance of CCLF delivery, which has some lag.
  • Benchmarking: Understanding the important role risk adjustment plays in benchmarking can make the difference between having savings and not.

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