Let’s Get Aligned: DCE Beneficiary Alignment—All the Details You Wanted to Know Webinar Recording

Everything you need to know about beneficiary alignment and how alignment impacts risk adjustment.

Since CMS announced the Direct Contracting Model in April 2019, Episource has been closely following proceedings from the Innovation Center outlining the new model. Episource experts Su Bajaj, SVP of Product Development, and William Schweitzer, Solutions Associate, Episource have distilled this information into a practical, hands-on presentation focused on key details of beneficiary alignment—and how alignment impacts risk adjustment.

Key Takeaways:

  • How voluntary alignment and claims-based alignment works
  • How voluntarily aligned patients turn into claims aligned patients
  • Actionable takeaways around how DCEs should be thinking about alignment
  • The levers of risk adjustment within these two populations

Presentation @ RISE VBC: Effective Collaboration Strategies Between Payer & Provider