2021 State of the Health Plan Industry: Webinar Recording

Facilitated by Benjamin Umansky, Managing Director, The Advisory Board

This discussion explored the market realities and strategic questions facing health plans of all types as they strive to influence the future health care landscape. After a general overview of market-wide trends, including the clinical and economic impact of COVID-19, changing demographics, and the shifting balance of public and private insurance, the discussion shifted to the most important, immediate decisions plans have to make today—and the consequences of those decisions for the future. Topics included:

Key Topics Covered:

  • How are health plans encouraging consumers to use preferred primary care channels?
  • What posture are plans taking toward telehealth reimbursement?
  • What role are plans playing with regard to emerging, nontraditional services?
  • Which forms of support are plans extending to distressed provider partners — and to what end?

Presentation @ RISE VBC: Effective Collaboration Strategies Between Payer & Provider