Encounter Data: How to leverage yesterday’s data to determine today’s expenditures and predict tomorrow’s revenues

In this webinar, you will learn how to fit the pieces together in the Medicare Risk Adjustment Model in order to predict revenues around EDS impact, Final Revenues, and program ROI. We'll dive into the areas of the prospective model that you need to know and better prepare you for the sweeps timeline.

By the end of this webinar, you’ll know what it takes to reconcile your final EDS based payments, and how to use the data and model to forecast the retroactive payment. Don’t miss this webinar to start improving the efficiency and accuracy of your encounter data submissions today!


Top Reasons to View this Webinar:

  1. Learn what is meant by prospective model
  2. Learn what data is used in calculating a risk score
  3. How to use the data and model to forecast the retroactive payment
  4. Learn how to better predict cash flows using the data submitted and the sweeps calendar
  5. Learn how to reconcile the MAO-004 with what has come through on the MAO-002
  6. Learn how to better utilize CMS Monthly Reports

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