How Successful Audits Identify Claims Leakage and Recover Lost Revenue Webinar Recording

Ensure Your Plan is Submitting Accurate Risk Score Data

View the recording of Episource’s presentation by Director of Risk Adjustment Analytics, Meleah Bridgeford, discussing how risk-bearing organizations can recover lost revenue due to claims leakage by identifying the common causes and ways to remediate them. The webinar recording includes case studies of how plans have successfully conducted audits on their claims submissions to identify missed HCC opportunities and recoup revenue.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Expectations plans should have for RAPS/EDS reconciliation
  • Effectively reconciling submissions in time for sweeps
  • Indications of data leakage that affect claims and encounter submissions
  • How best to conduct a RAPS/EDS reconciliation audit
  • Results of recent RAPS/EDS audits
  • Pilot promotion – 2019 DOS Claims Submission Audit

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