Reinventing In-Home Health Assessments: Changes that Lead to Radically Improved Outcomes

In-home visits usually include 60-90 minutes of patient interaction. Within this timeframe, providers are tasked to perform a comprehensive assessment based on very limited information about the member. How can this limited time be better utilized to close all applicable gaps?

In this webinar, you will learn how to take in-home health assessments to the next level by better understanding your population, arming your providers with better tools to close HCC and Quality gaps, and ultimately provide the best quality of care for your members.

Top Reasons to View this Webinar:

  1. You have not obtained the desired outcomes out of your Home Health Assessment programs
  2. You want to improve the way you determine member eligibility
  3. You want to approach in-home health assessments more strategically
  4. You are planning your in-home health assessment program
  5. You want to improve member engagement and response
  6. You want to learn how to better leverage the information obtained during in-home health assessments
  7. You want to understand what HCC and HEDIS/STARS gaps can be closed during an in-home visit
  8. You want to learn about the most prevalent HCC gaps closed during in-home visits
  9. You want to know what testing can be performed during an in-home visit (diabetic retinal scans, Quantaflo, Bone Mineral Density, Spirometry, etc.)
  10. You want to know how to better equip providers to perform better assessments

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