COVID’s Metamorphoses: Risk Adjustment and Telehealth Adaptations in the Age of Coronavirus Webinar Recording

Continue Care While Flattening The Curve

In response to COVID-19, CMS has temporarily lifted restrictions on telehealth visits, providing constantly updated guidelines to plans and provider groups. But these guidelines are still open to interpretation. What CPT codes can be used for a telehealth visit? What constitutes a risk-adjustable diagnosis through a virtual in-home health assessment? Why has CMS responded to COVID-19 with these particular recommendations? What are the best ways to integrate telehealth into your risk adjustment program?

We’ve created a webinar outlining the major questions around temporary risk adjustment changes, recommendations on evaluating telehealth solutions, workflow integration with your current in-home health assessment program, considerations with patient outreach, and how these changes can enable better care now and in the future.

Presented by:
Erik Simonsen, COO

Key Topics Include:
  • Review regulatory CMS updates
  • Hear the challenges facing Risk Adjustment programs around COVID-19 and telehealth
  • Learn how to implement a successful telehealth program
  • See telehealth’s role in continuing care
  • Learn about the nuances of capturing HCC codes through telehealth
  • Understand the important factors when choosing a telehealth vendor
Get Answers To These Questions:
  • What are the details around CMS’ policies and waivers?
  • What are some of the COVID-19 related challenges facing risk adjustment, and how can telehealth solve them?
  • How is a successful telehealth program implemented?
  • How does telehealth affect patient outreach for in-home visits?
  • How can telehealth fit into your long-term plans?

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