Risk Adjustment Micro-Strategies Webinar

Risk Adjustment Micro-Strategies Webinar

Presented by Sujata Bajaj, Episource & Jason McDaniel, Healthcare Partners Nevada

In this presentation they discuss practical, hands-on solutions to address the issues associated with maximizing RAF capture. Topics range from building an in-house risk adjustment team to best practices for incorporating updates to payment models.

What Listeners Will Learn:
  • Staple Risk Adjustment programs of Chart Review and Prospective Assessments will yield RAF up to 7% lower
  • New techniques will allow plans to capture codes that would otherwise fall through the cracks of traditional RA programs
  • Best practices will be to employ a well-timed comprehensive list of retrospective and prospective campaigns, as well as the established and emerging technologies that will support programs (i.e. analytics programs, EDS-specialized submissions, NLP etc.)
  • Plans and provider groups can work together to improve the accuracy of risk scores through commitments to share risk and actively collaborate
  • Risk Adjustment departments need to implement a range of micro-strategies for capturing codes, including provider query, second level review coding audits, and year-round analytics

Risk Adjustment Micro-Strategies Webinar Slides


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