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How Health Plans Can Rebuild Trust With Patients and Providers

Patient-Provider Trust
Harshith Ramesh
January 12, 2023

This article was originally published in Healthcare Business Today on January 8, 2023 here.

Trust in healthcare is in decline. According to a recent report, patient and provider trust in the U.S. healthcare system fell by about 32% and 30%, respectively, during the pandemic. Although trust in clinicians remains high, one-third of providers do not trust their own healthcare organization’s leadership, and one-third of patients do not trust insurance companies.

At the same time, patient expectations are shifting as a growing number of non-traditional players are offering consumer-centric health and wellness services. In this context, rebuilding trust is critical for healthcare organizations and insurance plans looking to evolve with the market and continue to deliver high-quality, highly valuable care. The key to achieving this is improving the payer-provider relationship.

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