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Effective Digital Transformation In Healthcare: 4 Key Characteristics To Look For In a Risk Adjustment Partner

Pointing finger touching data grid
Vinitha Ramnathan
Sr. VP of Product
September 27, 2022

This article was originally published in Electronic Health Reporter on September 28, 2022 here.

Digital transformation is responsible for a lot of very promising innovations in healthcare. From telemedicine to AI-enabled medical devices to NLP-driven coding, technology is reshaping how patients interact with providers, how data is shared, how care decisions are made, and how population risk is managed.

But implementing new technology can be a tall order for such a complex and overburdened industry. Perhaps this is why only 7% of healthcare and pharma organizations surveyed said they had “gone digital.” As more healthcare organizations move into value-based care, embracing a digital mindset will be critical to meeting the ever-changing needs of patients — and that starts with data.

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