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Innovations In Chronic Care Management: The Analytics Behind Better Health Outcomes

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December 20, 2023

The previous year marked the introduction of CMS’s National Quality Strategy, which aims to advance the highest quality outcomes and safest treatment for individuals. To achieve this goal, CMS outlined four primary areas of focus for the healthcare industry: improving health outcomes throughout the care process, coordinating efforts across various programs and care settings, ensuring interoperability between systems, and revolutionizing healthcare through scientific and technological advancements. This presentation will highlight how a medical institution elevated patient care and results by addressing each of these key areas.

  • Explore advanced strategies for early detection of clinical illnesses and timely notification of caregivers during patient treatment, enabling them to deliver personalized medical services.
  • Observe how an innovative organization improved outcomes in managing chronic conditions by emphasizing continuous case supervision over multiple years.
  • Learn about the collaborative efforts of insurance firms, healthcare providers, and their partners in aligning programs and care conditions, facilitating data-informed decisions for providers.

Access the presentation deck here.

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