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We offer intuitive submissions and encounter data management solutions and services that identify errors across models, enables easy corrections, and generates accurate financial projections — no matter the market.

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“Every health plan is unique in submitting and receiving data from different sources.”

Ashok Nadimpalli, Director of Product Submissions

Episource Submitter offers an integrated encounter data error management and submissions solution to streamline error corrections and prioritize based on risk score impact.

MAC Portal Submissions for Retrospective Coding

Our retrospective coding service offers ACOs an efficient, reliable method to correct submitted codes without expending hours of labor.

Encounter Data Management

Our experts ensure that your program is compliant with evolving CMS guidelines by executing complete reporting of your members’ medical events, enabling error corrections prioritized by risk impact, and providing a line of sight into potential risk scores.

Financial Projections

Produce up-to-date financial reports based on your encounter data and its current status. You can also view revenue projections for each encounter data error to help you prioritize by financial impact.


Improved Data Integrity

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